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12-30-2012, 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by xantris View Post
I'm going to be blunt. You are bad at this game.

I agree is guy just needs to quit. The Vesta is also great ship if you know what you are doing, The Breen ship is a Very, Very good ship as well if you know what you are doing, I cant stand these players that come on the forums and cry beacuse they get killed to fast in PVP or buy a ship and dont know how to set it up come on the Forums and throw a fit beacuse it "must be something wrong with the game" or "the Dev's are trying to screw us" Or this is too powerful nerf it beacuse I cant figure out how to counter it so it needs to be taken away. Just spare us and quit while i enjoy the great new ships from season 7.