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Originally Posted by lordrelentless View Post
Explain your goal: To be affective in game; I've used every type of ship in this game and I've utilized and experimented with each setup I can find and some of my own when it comes to Bridge Officer stations and skills. This particular ship offers very little for the time it took to get.
Fore weapons: Two Dual Beam Antiproton Advanced Fleet, one Anti-borg Antiproton DHC, One Tricobolt Anti-borg Acc X 3 device all MK XII
Aft weapons Two Spiral Disrupters (MK Ini) One Rapid Reload Transphasic Torpedo MK XI, One Breen Transphasic Torpedo Mine launcher (Mk Ini).
Deflector M.A.C.O. MK XII
Shields M.A.C.O. MK XII
All cons: Three Neutronium MK XII Purple Plating (engineering) 50% reduction to all damage. The Breen Energy Dissipation unit (universal), MK XII Shield Regeneration Setting unit +17% shield regen rate purple (science), two MK XII Emitter Array both +15% to shields. Universal Graviton Emitter (tactical slot), MK XII Transphasic Compressor Blue +29% damage by all transphasic devices. TCB Subspace Infuser MK X (Blue).
Devices: Shield Battery X 20, Polaron Dirupter Sat X 10, Engine Battery X 10
BoFF Ability: Ensing Universal: Engineer; Fire At Will 1, Cmndr Tactical: Tactical Team 1, Beam Fire At will III, Target Engines I, Dispersal Pattern Beta III. Lieutenant Tactical: Beam Overload I, Torpedo Spread II. L. Engineering: Engineering Team 1, Reverse Shield Polarity. Lt Cmndr Science: Polarize Hull I, Siphon Energy I, Feedback Pulse II
And equipped doFFs: Purple Engineer: reduce energy subsystem drain when using directed energy modulation, Blue Damage Control Engineer chance to reduce recharge time for emergency power to subsystem abilities, Blue Tractor Beam Officer (used when I swap to the Borg set), Purple Photonic Studies, Purple Astrometrics Scientist.

Complaint: As in OP; the ship fails miserably when in battle. I was destroyed several times in the last STF I was in (non-elite) something that rarely if ever happens in my escort or the Vesta. (Infected non-elite). It pulls agro like no other and I'm often the one attacked and destroyed.
I will get to this in a second.

Originally Posted by lordrelentless View Post
Nope, sorry, I know how to play the game, it's not user error. It's issue with the ship or game balance. I've survived heavy plasma bolts in other ships and heavy plasma torpedoes; this ship is a failure.
I will also get to this in a second, but I can tell you right now, I have taken a HY plasma torp in my freebie Qin raptor and lived to tell the tale. Not much HP left, but I lived nonetheless. And before you call "well it's a KDF ship, they survive better", I took the same hit in a FRSV and lived to tell the tale. Again, not much of me left, but I lived.

Originally Posted by lordrelentless View Post
I'd have to call you a liar here or a cheat then.
I just debunked your statement here with my previous post.

Alright now to respond to that first quote.

Dafuq? DBBs on a ship that can run DHCs? And your rear weapons? Seriously? Run turrets and a tric mine, or just full turrets. Why you are running transphasic torps on your rear with a transphasic mine launcher I will never know. If you absolutely MUST use transphasics, the use the cluster torp on your nose.

And like previous posters said, your build is all over the place. The only thing focused is your Engineering consoles. And that's overkill. With a ship like that, you only need 2. I would recommend 2 neutronium, and one monotanium. You will find your survivability increases exponentially (this is of course assuming you are a competent player, which I will give you the benefit of the doubt for now and say you are).

Your science consoles and tac consoles though, are complete fail (and they alone remove my previous assumption of your competence). And I mean FAIL. I am surprised you were able to draw aggro at all considering your TERRIBLE weapons layout and just astonishingly bad console layout. You are running what was that, 4 weapon types? I think the cube killed you out of disgust more than as a threat. Hell if this was PvP I would kill you just so I didn't have to see your horrible build, since you certainly wouldn't be a threat.

Anyways, all disgust aside, your tac consoles alone made me wonder what you were smoking. You have NO offensive energy weapon consoles. Your tac console layout should have been either 3x AP mag regulators and 1x TCD subspace infuser, or 4x AP mag regulators. Your science consoles should have been the energy dissipator device, Borg Assimilated Module/Zero Point Energy Conduit, and an Emitter Array/field generator. Emitter array is probably better in this case though.

Then we get to your BOff layout. Your Tactical layout is a mess. Your Engineering Layout made me cringe. And your Science layout is incredibly ineffective. And you wonder why you died so easily? You have NOTHING that makes you anything other than squishy.

A better layout would have been:
Cmdr Tac: TT1, CRF1, APB2, APO3
Lt Tac: TT1, CRF1
Lt Engi: EPtS1/ET1, EPtW2/Aux2SIF1
LtCmdr Sci: HE1/TSS1/TB1, HE2/TSS2, HE3/TSS3/ES2
Ens Uni: EPtS1

You get offensive power, survivability, and utility, without sacrificing much in any area. And if you MUST use beams, use BO, not BFAW. Your ship isn't tanky enough to survive the added attention. Also, I noted NO attack patterns. You're flying a ship that can use APO3 and you aren't using it. The DPB3 is useful, but not with the mines you're currently using. Major disappointment here.

And your DOffs? Seriously? Lose the Astro Scientist, lose the Photonic Studies Scientist, and upgrade your DCE to purple. If you can't afford the ones on the exchange, replicate the purple hologram (only 1 mil ECs). I would also recommend a WCE (for those EPtX abilities), and if you're using the cluster torp, proj weapons officers (plural). Also SDOs (plural) would be useful. And since you aren't using DEM, lose that officer too. So your end build if you're using full cannons would be DCE (maybe 2 if you're feeling cruel), WCE, SDO, and one users choice. If you're using a trans cluster, DCEx1, WCEx1, SDOx1, PWOx2.

After reading your build, and what you were saying, I have to say it's 100% user error. Your build alone screams terrible, your BOff setup just makes me cringe, and your DOffs aren't even useful for your build (except the DCE). So again, it's user error. I suggest you look at that before posting a hate thread about a ship.

The Breen Warship is a GREAT ship. EVERYONE I have played with has fallen in love with that ship. I personally greatly look forward to getting it, and I fully intend to prove this ENTIRE post wrong when using it.
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
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