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What happened to the chat system? Not too terribly long ago, there was something implemented that made me giddy with glee. When one were to type /p the selected channel would automatically switch to "Team" from, say, "Zone". I swear, I had been waiting since launch for this to occur. It made my life (as I'm sure others') a whole lot easier because I was sick of having to type /p every time I wanted to talk into team. I would forget. Frequently. And post in channels that I don't want to post in.

It lasted for about two weeks... then suddenly, it's gone. What by the Nine Hells happened? Did people COMPLAIN about this most awesome of convenience if you chat a lot? Was it the lack of being able to join channels with the /channel command?

Well, let me tell you something. I, for one, want that to come back. If anything, you can make it a freakin' option in the "Chat Config" interface.

If I am missing something, please, PLEASE somebody tell me exactly what. I obviously want this to work for me!
And for those of you who complained because of the /channel command, guess what? That very same "Chat Config" has a "Channels" tab. Click that, and lo and behold, there's a "Join/Create" option and, to the right of that, a bar that you can type in. Holy obvious things overlooked, Batman!

In short, the chat conversion system from /p = team and will auto switch you from /zone (strictly an example) should be reimplemented, or at the very least thrown into an option in the "Chat Config". Please fix this problem ASAP.

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