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Originally Posted by jockey1979 View Post
Well, in simple terms, they were comparing you to the girl in the video (basic version is - you just "met" cryptic and your being overly nice, like how she tries to pass her number on to the guy after she just "met" him)

It is just a joke, but at your expense. Hope your not offended, lots of jokes fly around on these forums at each others expense, but from what I have seen, it normally is in good taste and just for fun.

To be fair, the timing of the joke did make it quite funny (and timing is important with any joke)
I never said I was new to the game...I've been playing since last February, this is just my first winter event.

And since when is thanking someone for doing something for you considered a joke? Did I miss the memo on this or something? I know it's unfortunately not the norm today, but I was brought up to appreciate things people do for me, and to thank them for it.

And no, I'm not offended at all...just didn't get the reference as I don't listen to that type of music so I had no idea what people were talking about.
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