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Originally Posted by andyslash View Post
invest in point defense console, it targets HY3 plasma torps regardless if they bug out(invisible), dont run rainbow weapons stick to one energy type. Use the console that gives resistance to plasma(i use 3 for elites) constant hazard emitters are on or alot of brace for impacts, buy the brace doff. as a sci i know better to stay away and let the heavy hitters wail on targets but i do fight close with this ship, i go to finish them off or help teammates. also i use antimatter spread if things get too hot so i can get away while someone pulls aggro. my two cents.
ps. Also having a tac captain main, i know escorts inside and out. this is a glorified escort.
None of that helps. I still get hit by those stupid torpedoes that take out shields and large parts of hull and you cannot shoot those normal torpedoes down. What might help is if I remove the threat skill I have at max.

Point defense does nothing at least in my case. My mines stop 100% of HY3 torps even if invisible and mines are far more reliable then point defense at that role. Also if the torp is invisible how can you know to turn on Point defense? I am already at 60% plasma resistance I do not see how that can get much higher. Well I could but I do not see it making much difference as a few more % still means large chunk of hull damage. Haz emitter I use all the time but it doesn?t stop me losing 50%+ hull from normal torpedoes in 1 volley with shields up or plasma DoT during the 15 second Hazed emitter down time.

I did not realize you are sci which goes towards explaining the lack of hull damage. Your threat level would most likely be low so the hard hitting weapons do not get directed at you. But surly 1 normal torpedo volley towards a Sci ship during haz emitter cool down would mean more than 2% hull damage on Elite just from the DoT.

(Edit from tac cubes, I can see how you do not take hull damage from the probes or spheres I just do not see how you never take more then 2% hull damage)

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