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Originally Posted by qwikstryke View Post
P.S - linyive why dont u take ur negativity somewhere else, this game is F2P and u can achieve so much in this game without ever payin a penny so ur comment -
"If players are doing all the work, why are people paying Cryptic for their lack of services?"
makes no sense to me.....I feel guilty sometimes that I have only payed 20 euroout of my own pocket in the 9 months I have been playin this game, yet cryptic keep on givin me more game to play......if ur not happy with STO go play something else

Within roughly a six month's period, I have bought over $200 worth of zen. If I didn't believe in Cryptic's ability to do better, I would not have invested a dime into the system. I am just questioning the usefulness of the PvP Booty Camp, for it has been introduced prior to the new system. Instead of coasting on the system freely, why don't you start paying for your expense in server usage? Even though this system is Free to Play, I am paying for the services in which Cryptic is providing. You are not talking to your average Free to Play player. I am paying my way. If Cryptic wants me to continue to invest, I think they have to come up with something better.


Originally Posted by gradstudent1 View Post
Boot Camp is currently about kindergarten issues, but it will not stay that we. We hope to include more advanced courses in the coming days.
How about going deeper into the basics now? Could you guys teach players about exercising good etiquette? You can teach people about why they should not rage spam the chat room. How about teaching them the reasons why they should not camp at the competition's respawn points? Etc... Since you have everyone's undivided attention, perhaps you can use it to do something positive.

Good sportsmanship.

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