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Originally Posted by lordrelentless View Post
First off I'm not using any mines and I don't have anything Boosting mines; so whoever stated this go away I'm not in the mood. Secondly my setup works just fine with my other ships. You telling me that "I'm just bad and I should quit" is utter BS. Now I'm going to be blunt, your points are moot. You'd rather antagonize than actually help. Get off my thread before I report your posts.

As for the other people; thank you for your advice I'll consider it. I don't use Hazard emitters because it doesn't seem to help and is rather gimped as far as I can tell. I originally has a full set array of dual beam antiprotons equipped on the Breen warship but swapped off to my DHC.
It?s late here and I might have misread your post but didn?t you say in post 15 you use mines with mine disposal patterns with mine boosting consoles.

As for saying Hazard emitters do nto seem to help how do you clear the Plasma Dot? I find at least on Elite it is the Plasma DoT that does large amounts of hull damage and it must be cleared or you die even with shields up. In the past I used to fly without Hazed Emitters without a problem but I have been unable to do that since the Borg got boosted. Now I find the Dot takes out massive hull damage if not cleared fast.