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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
Look at this way.

Example 1: I hit EPE to make manuver around an enemy when he hits me with Warp Plasma. My ship stalls and makes me vulnerable to attack. I hit hazzard emitters, which not only clears the plasma effect but returns me to the speed that EPE gave me. That is, in effect, returning the buff that was nullified.

Example 2: I fly with my Tac team active, I am hit with Target Shield generator, my shield face drops, and I hit EPS to return the shield face to full and my Tac Team is back in effect. Anthother example of the buff being returned.

Example 3: I am hit with a Boarding Party and one or more of susbsystems are disabled. I hit Eng Team and the all subsystems are returned to normal with whatever buff I had already activated.

Why would it be wrong for Sci Team to return the buffs with remaining times, 2 seconds or 15 seconds?
All the things you listed just return you to normal status. They don't give you any buffs/debuffs back. They also don't disable any existing buffs you currently have.

You get hit by warp plasma, HE returns you to normal status. You just remove the debuff nothing else. EWP doesn't remove any existing buffs. It just snares you.

Tac team just redistributes shields, BUT it only works if the system is already online. When target shields hits, it attacks your subsystem, and removes that facing's ability to operate. So the TT (still in effect btw), is being blocked, NOTHING MORE. The TT has not been removed at any point, and when you remove the block, the TT can do it's job once more. However you will find if you get attacked on a different facing, the TT will still work for that facing. Just not the one hit by SST. However the SST doesn't remove your TT at any point in time. It just works around it.

Boarding party for starters, I don't even want to know how you get hit by that. Secondly, Eng team only restores subystems, it doesn't remove the boarding party, so that's not a counter in any sense of the word. Lastly, it doesn't give you back any of the original things the boarding party removed. That's just inaccurate on your part. Also BP doesn't remove any existing buffs. Like SST, it works around them.

SNB REMOVES ALL EXISTING BUFFS. That is the largest difference between it and ANY examples you have listed so far. None of them remove any active/existing buffs. SNB does. It doesn't target your ship, it targets your buffs and their CDs. It essentially wipes your slate clean. You will notice that while under SNBs effect, you can still activate buffs though. They aren't removed. And removing the debuff of SNB just removes the timers and the SNB effect. You won't restore any buffs because there aren't any to restore.

Besides, you are trying to compare a Captain ability to a BOff ability when it comes to countering. THAT is where the apples and oranges comes into effect. Captain abilities are much stronger than regular BOff abilities, so expecting the same effect when countering the two is just foolish on your part.

There are no BOff abilities that I know of that actively remove any buffs from the target. SNB is one of the few things that do (captain ability) along with Victory is Life (the jem space set's 3rd ability).
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