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# 54 Just My Two Cents
12-30-2012, 05:51 PM
this has been an interesting thread, albeit unfortunately heated at times. I can't help but but add to it in saying I have found the Breen ship wonderful. I rarely get tanked in PVE and even defeated that bastard ship in Terradome (level 48) by myself with this ship! In elite I find the ship very versatile and though the cubes plasma torps do kill me, I nevertheless chalk that up to my getting to close for comfort in the first place. In most elite PVe's, especially Romulan space battles, I find my hull barely affected, even if shields are nearly gone.

That being said, in PVP the klingons tank me quickly regardless but I blame that on my inability to build a set up that could protect me from their well organized attacks. The novelty of the breen ship alone means I am the first thing they want to hit unfortunately most of the time... Lol. Pm me and I willgive you specs on my build whihc includes all four Borg sets (brings my hull to 49, 250), the Borg beam cutter and a quantum torp wide angle taken from my Regent ship (a ship I honestly think could use some of the Breen's movability). I am running all polaron weapons otherwise but against klingons (pvp) and some elite missions it does feel like shooting blanks at times. I use two dual heavy cannons on front and four beams around the ship. In normal PVE forget about it, I am untouchable and find myself healing other players.

As for the Vesta, The ONLY thing I have ever found disappointing on it is the primary beam weapon. Its rather underwhelming. However, as a support ship I find it does an amazing job and have managed to do wonders with it even as a tact captain for both ships. The bubble shield has always made me invincible as well, so maybe its a patch issue?! There are days when the bugs in the game just work against us. Anyways, hope you have rectified the problem by now. It can be frustrating but having run the breen set on the breen ship, ironically, the borg set does it wonders and make it an excellent support, and with the right set of weapons, tank of a ship.