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# 55 Breen SHip and Romulans
12-30-2012, 05:15 PM
Hi everyone,

after I have tested the Breen ship I have to say, it's horrible. Sorry.
My Galor is way better.
Can now PLEASE get ship appropriate to S7? Maybe a D'Deridex? Ok, Ok I am just frustrated and wanna have my ship!
come on Mr.Stahl, we have all this fancy new Romulan Weaponary now its time to get a Warbird =)

1 cmdr.Science eng tac.
1.esn universial

Shiel mod. 1,15-1,25
base turn rate 5
hull 52,000
forw and aft. 4 slots for weaponary

3 eng. consoles
3 sci. consoles
4 tac. consoles

Or something like that and dont forget the cloacking device!!!!!!