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12-30-2012, 05:31 PM
Switch the fore Dual Beam Bank for a DHC, since you don't seem to be using Beam Overload 3, which is the top reason to have one on an escort. A Plain or Fleet Disruptor would work well, since DHCs don't proc that often.

Rear beam arrays aren't that great on an escort, as most of it's firepower is facing forward and beam arrays only shoot 250 degrees from the rear. If you go with turrets -- probably Polarized Disruptor for your case-- you can shot things in front of you using them, and their fire is effected by Cannon abilities.

I'd go with Jem'Hadar MK XI Deflector, Engines, Shield and until you can get a Reputation set. (Just replaying the missions at 50 will net you them at MK XI) I'm with the people thinking Aegis is a bit expensive for a stopgap, and each peice of the Mk XI Jem set can be sold to a vendor for 100K EC, making it an EC positive venture. Before they made crafting so expensive with unreplicatable materials requiring Dilithium, Aegis was a much more tempting route.

You shouldn't need the Plasma Dist Manifold in Eng consoles if you drop the fore DBB, I'd replace it with a Nuetronium armor.

I like the Shield capacity consoles to help boost the shields, those are already a bit higher than an average escort and amping them up make them that much better.

Tac Consoles don't have diminishing returns, so three Disruptor Coils of a high mark and rarity, and your Quantum Chamber would be much better.