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Exactly. And if Janeway didn't stop them, who then? The Borg apparently weren't strong enough to defeat them, so Janeway made a "Deal with the devil". In my opinion, it was justified. The Borg are like bugs. Annoying but controllable. The Undine would be unstoppable if they decided to launch a full scale attack on our universe. You saw what just one of their ships could do against a Borg Cube, whereas the federation failed with 40 ships (Wolf 359).

If she hadn't helped the Borg, the Undine would have wiped them out (as well as every innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire). And then every living being the the galaxy would be subject to their wrath. By driving them out, Janeway saved the entire galaxy.

Too bad the Borg survived, but it was a necessary evil.
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