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08-28-2009, 11:40 PM
Well these articles were better than the other article. :p

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"We bought the licence from Perpetual and got all of their assets," Zinkievich told NowGamer. "We looked at the concept art, which was really, really cool, but they didn't really have a game.
This I don't understand, John Eaves helped design several really cool starships for STO. Why throw them away?

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After watching the space battles, I wondered why the team opted for a third-person view of turn and burn space combat rather than the more system-focused tactical action of other Star Trek games like Klingon Academy and Bridge Commander. Craig explained that they tried a bridge perspective but it made the game feel too much like a dogfighter.
Even though many of us saw what you mean, but perhaps it would be nice to have a Bridge view sometimes. For instance, navigating through the Planetary Rings and Asteroid Belts would be much easier. (Trust me!) And for the dialogue / storyline communication boxes from NPCs, some people might like to see it "on screen" and not as an annoying floating window.

BTW, I don't think you really need to snazzy up a Bridge-view and seeing moving characters. People would settle for simplicity like seeing the OPS and CONN Consoles with UI info than seeing moving characters, well until you get ship's interiors completed.