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12-30-2012, 07:20 PM
If I remember correct the normal STF never or almost never drop XI items so there is a difference between Elite and Normal.
What I mean is when there IS a difference why not make the gap larger, because normal is so much easier than elite.

But I allso think it should be ELITE as in "Not For Everyone" only the ELITE players.

Defenition of ELITE from TheFreeDictionary: "The best or most skilled members of a group"

My suggestion is to rename ELITE into HARD (or whatever) and make a new real ELITE that is VERY HARD, and maybe there you could only get XI and XII drops. And leave it as it is now.
So there is Normal, Hard and Elite.

And to hold off some of the (less elite) players there should be a some sort of accolade that has to be acquired to enter the new elite. Maybe 50 or 100 with optional runs or something that keeps the non elite players from even joining.
Or not for PUGS, only private/closed runs. (probably the best and easiest) And at that level you really need to now your team, so that every single player knows exactly what to do.
In this way you need to plan the "attack" not just enter, kill, collect and leave.

And IF the ELITE refers to the difficulty and not the loot i think that it also should refer to what loot you get.
You don't expect to walk into a Rolex store and come out with a 25dollar watch