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It has been asked for since day one. And ignored since day one. Cryptic either does not have the ability or does not care to implement it. I'm leaning on the latter. The best proposal I ever saw was what Suricata had put together long ago. I have a bad feeling that the revamp they're keeping under wraps that they want will be something everybody will hate. I won't speculate on it further than that.

Yeah, ABSOLUTELY the right idea!! If the company is reading this: a change like that would convince me to forget free-to-play and sign up for subscription ON THE SPOT.

It is the very narrow limitations of this game that prevent me from subscribing to begin with. I've only every bought a few zen to get some upgrades because "i couldn't take it any more".
no, Cryptic can't do this cause CBS would not allow this.

which is getting really funny, cause at least 30% of the ships currently flying around are not Canon.