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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
Hehe... that depends entirely on what creates the clouds.

Io's orbit around Jupiter is rather interesting. Io creates a plasma torus in it's orbit.

hehe.... almost sounds like something a Star trek writer would come up with. :p

That's just an example. The point I'm making is that Solar systems are dynamically unstable and there are things that create clouds of dust. Personally I've come to think of the view I see in game as a HUD and the nebulas and other clouds of dust as being "color enhanced" for visibility. It just doesn't work as a literal representation.
That's the very point I'M making! There's tons of cool stuff in outer space! A volcanically active planetoid or moon spewing clouds of fiery sulfur into the cold unfeeling void would look absolutely kick***! We don't need to fall back on the "random bit of dust" trope every time!

As it stands now, the game looks very same-y. Every map has the same things in it. A planet, a star, glowing bits of dust, and asteroids all in varying amounts.

I mean... mix it up a bit! There can't be that many planets that have been cracked in half!!!