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12-30-2012, 07:35 PM

For fun I equipped my TOS Constitution Class Starship with the four piece borg set, the borg beam cutter, the regent torp launcher and the retrofit phaser (blue) banks. I equipped the limited consoles with the best that I could find, particularly engineering for hull resistance. Looked pretty good considering.... (The Remen Shields in particular really make this ship pop)

I dropped myself into a Mirror enemy contact zones to name but one type and managed to defeat the majority of patrols. I died only after getting ganged up on by several.... but still, considering the success I did have from it I would personally love to see Cryptic give us the opportunity to upgrade existing ships!!

For instance, wouldn't it be great if you could buy additional Boff spots, weapon slots, sci slots, etc... and higher quality hull integrity for our existing ships? Imagine having your ass handed to you in PVP by the TOS Enterprise! I mean, why not? Realistically speaking, even in the television series, ship captains make do with what they have. If the Borg can assimilate ships why cant we assimilate other ships to improve our own? I love the Enterprise A in particular and wish I could use it still.

I also wish we could create our own ships and play them. This already exist in the game but it is limited to the type of ship you fly. Imagine if you can mix and match with ANY ship that you own. Sure, some would come out butt ugly, but there would always be the opportunity for creating something unique and beautiful. Food for thought.