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It would be awesome if we can have a persistent PvP capture point ground adventure zone.
There will be NPC between the FED and KDF directing mission objectives and these mission objectives will vary by how much of the map each faction controls.

You can have objectives to disrupt enemy transporter so they'll have to use shuttle.
Then the shuttle using faction will have objectives to disrupt enemy anti-air/orbit emplacements.

You can capture points to call in air strike from NPC shuttles.
Have objective to blow up enemy system and depots.

While not everything in this zone needs to be directly PvP, as a Sci captain, you can go heal and retrieve injured NPC on the front and maybe do a little surgery minigame. Engies can play minigames to fix up damaged systems. Tac can have infiltration mission and hacking minigames.

Of course do have rewards for completing certain objectives or maybe a new Rep path to follow. Starfleet Marine maybe (and the KDF equivalent)?