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12-30-2012, 07:16 PM
1. OP's wall of text clearly shows their thinking process without even reading the content of said wall. This immediately invalidates any creative thought that they have.

2. Earning marks is stupid easy. The required marks can be earned in under 100 STF runs for an entire MACO set... vs 1000's with no results under the old system due to a bad RNG. I wasn't one of the dopes that traded all their edc's and what not for DL even though it was a bad deal, so I barely had to run STFs anyway. With the winter event and the Tau Dewa sector block, I am sitting on 2000 Romulan marks and I don't know what I want to do with them....

3. Earning the EC to buy the other stuff is flat out disgustingly easy. When playing the game on Elite... I stumble upon the required EC in the first hour of play.

4. Doing officer reports and "Battleship Royal Rumble" every 30 minutes makes me so rich and is so fun that it makes me want to puke......

There is no grind for the rep system. I never ever went to myself... "Crap I gotta sign on to do some stfs or my rep projects wont keep moving..." Just regular play earned my way through and I work 50 hour work weeks and have a baby to take care of.. It is clear that some just don't understand STO or the numbers, or would rather chat on Drozana with their left hand on the keyboard and their right hand elsewhere...
1hr of work @NYS Min Wage 7.25 = 725 Zen
725 x 102 (or current exchange rate) DL = 73950 DL <- can you earn that per hour in game?

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