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12-30-2012, 09:06 PM
When I get high enough to get a Fleet Retrofit Flight Deck Cruiser this is the build I have planned for it.

Eng Emerency power to weaponsx2

Directed Energy Modulation

Emergency Power to Shield III

Reverse Shield Polarity II


Tac Team

Cannon Rapid Fire


Mask Energy Signature

Hazard Emitter

Tractor Beam 2

Feedback Pulse

Photonic Officer 2


Fore: 4 Polaron Single Cannons

Rear: 2 Polaron Turrets, 2 Quantum Mines.

Hangar: (primary) Fleet Orion Slavers or Elite Orion Interceptors or Elite Scorpians.

Engine, Shields, and Deflector: Jem'hadar Dominion Set.

Tactical Consoles: 2 Polaron Phase Modulators

Enigeering Consoles: 3 Neutronuim Armours, 1 RCS Accelator

Science Consoles: 4 Shield Generators

Captain: Tac Male Orion

Devices: Consumable Scorpians, Heavy Turrets, Aux Batteries, Holoemitter Jem'hadar Ship.


Flight Deck Officersx2: Attack

Photonic Science Specialistsx3

I love both the Orions and the Dominion and this way its like a Hybred, Orion Ship and crew and Dominion gear and the ability to disguise as a Jem'hadar ship. I even have an Alien tac officer with Vorta Ears, but purple skin. She's an Orion Syndicate experiment using Vorta Cloning tech with unique genetic enhancements to create thier own unique Vorta Slaves.

I think I'll call it the IKS Inanna, I know Inanna was a Summerian Earth Goddess, but if in the Star Trek Universe if she was a Being like Apollo she could be well known on multiple worlds. A Goddess of War and Lust who could drink you under the table, and who may actually belong to an Alien Species, sounds perfect for an Orion ship name :p

Now I just have to gain rank and join one of the larger Fleets and constribute stuff.

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