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Since those of us that played from the time of the Beta (*cough cough*) can't make our own threads yet, I'll also take a little slice of this to offer ideas that -- in my opinion, would be beneficial to the game play experience and does not require as much coding as a lot of the other (really good) suggestions.

One of my biggest issues which is not emphasized enough on (for Star Trek) is ship interiors. There are several things that bug me about it, and I'll start with the most glaringly obvious and most easy to fix:


Jesus, you must expect these ships to have four decks or the officers to be reeeeeeeeeeeeally tiny because these hallways are giant. Like seriously. I can't think of a single starship in the Federation with the exception, not a single starship in the Federation that had a ceiling as high as a gym. Have you taken a look at your hallways? Now watch Voyager. Now Enterprise. Now Ds9 on the Defiant. Now TNG. Now ALL the movies. Did you see ceilings that are two stories high? No.


Please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease make sickbay, engineering and the bridge more functional. Sickbay does what? Give you duty assignments? My Captain has internal bleeding, combat trauma and a concussion from wiping so many times. There's no chief medical officer to heal me? Not even for energy credits? Dilithium? Zen? No? Okay.jpg.

Engineering is pretty decent as it goes, in my opinion, because there's not much you can do from there in the first place. I realize that STO is not made as an RP game first, so the functions I came to love in my RPG-X version of Star Trek: Elite Force such as raising forcefields and such will never happen. That's no big deal.

But the Bridge! Oh good grief the bridge. Helm, set a course to Sol System! No? Oh, I can't do anything on my bridge. Why can't we? I realize that we can't exactly turn into Star Trek: Bridge Commander over night, but can't I at least transwarp to Sol? As much as I'd love to be able to command missions from the bridge of my starship (which the ceilings are actually okay for), I realize that's asking a lot and is really irrational.

Staying on the subject of placing inside the ship, why can't I go to my conference room? I know that it's there. I know I have one. One of the romulan missions even says I can go there or my ready room. Why can't I go there? I like it

I agree that duty officers are a really big deal to actually code as official members of the crew, but why can't I see the ones in sickbay? Or like, why can't I actually see my real chef and real bartender? Those two characters are human no matter how Andorian and how vulcan my real chef and real bartender is. Just sayin'.

On the topic of duty officers, why can't we set the uniforms of the crew that wander aimlessly around my ship with the over-sized hallways? I'm not saying they have to sing and dance too, but if you can set Fleet uniforms (and you see the little people modeling them), why can't you set ship uniforms? Some uniformity would be nice. >.<

This hurts my immersion immensely, simply because there is nothing that is functional, nothing that is matching, and I can't pretend to be a starfleet officer on a Starfleet warship if the ceilings are SO HIGH. ._.

Moving on, I recently just finished (for the first time) the entire Star Trek: Enterprise series, which I never gave enough credit to; it's really fantastic. I really love the idea of M.A.C.O. I think they're pretty awesome -- the S.E.A.L. Team 6 of Star Trek, per se. So when I saw I could get M.A.C.O. armor from the Omega Borg missions, and saw the M.A.C.O. people wearing them on DS9, I was like "Hell yeah, so getting that" only to find out it looks like the dumb armor that my character had to wear when he got his first polydurianiamite disrupter armor MK I. That's pretty pitiful, don't you think? Now, most MMOs have the problem of making armor not look quite right (*Cough* World of ********), but I am -positive- that a skin on a piece of armor isn't that hard to do if you've already got that skin on NPCs.

I could go on about how I think ships should have specific hitpoints for specific subsystems, how you should be able to knock out engines, shields, deflectors, waste disposal or whatever by targetting it (Star Trek: Bridge Commander again), but I know that is asking too much in terms of coding.

I do hope, though, that what I've listed isn't too doesn't sound like it would be.

Thanks for reading.

Edit: Apparently World of word that starts with W and ends with arcraft is blocked. Sorry.

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