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12-30-2012, 08:49 PM
The queue system should definitely be addressed, but the old way where you could spend an hour sometimes trying to put together a team just plain sucked. I remember it going something like this:

Me- LFG (looking for group) Khitomer Accord.

Person 1- I'll join
(team invite sent)

Person 2- what part are you at?

Me- the beginning

Person 2- sorry, I'm at the ground portion

Me- LFG, Khitomer Accord, need three more

Person 3- I'll join, do you have vent (ventrilo)

Me- nope

Person 3- sorry, I only play with people who use vent

30 minutes later

Me- LFG, Khitomer Accord, need three more

Person 1- sorry, I'm out, <insert reason here>

Me- Well, damn......

Or it would go something like this:

Random person 1- need one more for the Cure

Me- I'll join.

Person 1- ok, what class are you?

Me- I'm a tac

Person 1- sorry, we're looking for sci

Me- :-(

I've been at a point where I looked for a group for two hours to do one STF, and back then it was not uncommon to get your ass handed to you by Khitomer Accord.

They should use a system like Star Craft where you queue up for the STF and a window shows with the PUG you are in. It has all of the other players that have already joined the group, and there is a chat bar so the players can talk amongst themselves and decide on their strategy and bring the new guys up to speed. When they are all ready to go, they click their ready buttons, and the countdown timer starts. I like STO, but the public queue system is one of the worst I've ever seen.
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