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12-30-2012, 09:13 PM
My ideas.

Revamp of storyline and actually finish storylines and open up some new stuff. ex. Borg storyline needs to end.

Avoid the time gated missions. None of this cookie cutter garbage. Time to start making these seasons worth something aside from a groan as there is no endgame content still.

Exploration- Needs a lot of improvement, like for example. Finding strange anomolies and investigating them like time streams, gravity anomolies, more meaningful species and development that could lead to something to juice up this "war"

For PvP- Add zones of conflict where KDF and Feds can engage each other in open conflict for another side to add for the conflict to open up or actually close it with an engaging storyline. Also add a boot camp for those that are lousy at PvP (myself included)

Merge the sector maps into one.

Add a fourth dimension to space combat as we have 3-d. Add dorsal and ventral shields and for more insane maneuvers or ramming.

For the tie in to exploration. Any species you encounter that is already space traveling you may open talks for them to join the Federation or Klingon Empire. Adding more zones of war fare or resources.

Then finally add some meaningful content for the Klingons. Their storyline needs juicing up. Add the intricate politics of the great houses.

Make dodging easier to do in PvP and PvE for more fluidity in combat.

Add ship to ship invasion *ie* Boarding parties*