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Originally Posted by raincrow1st View Post
Here's the thing that works for me, and it is different for others at least as loyal if not more so.

I't's freedom to bring it on. Yeah we have an app process. Grow up and get over it. We have branches in several games. Once you are in, you are in where ever you want, enjoying support, camaraderie and freindly ridicule from those you'd never allow a sibling to date!

We understand you may not always have time to play. More importantly, when you finally do have some, it should not feel like duty or work. It is time to play and mess about.

Want to laugh? check us out. Want to make us laugh? OK bring it. Have some fun, at our expense. I am an expert target. So little time and so many new things to mess with.

The quesstion is, are you entertained? Build that fu factor, have a libation in an easily opened robe and blow suff up with us. Could be fun.
You make it sound so complicated. Yeah, we make you dance for our amusement during the app. process. But once you're in, if you can pass out at your computer and still randomly slap the space bar you can be a valued member of our team.