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Originally Posted by linyive View Post
Will the PvP Boot Camp become a requirement for playing PvP events? Even if it were possible for that to happen it wouldn't. Cryptic isn't going to spend time on an aspect of the game and stop people from playing it right off the bat like that.

Will the PvP Boot Camp enforce the use of TeamSpeak in all PvP events? Why would it? Unless you have a legitimate problem with TS, all students that have signed up for bootcamp are required to be on TS so they can hear coaches speaking. In such fast paced gametype, there simply isnt time to type. And while nobody was told they had to have a mic/headset, the majority decided to bring one anyway, which only helped matters.

How will this new training camp promote tolerance between elite pvp players and pick up groups? "Elite" players as you call them pug too. One of several problems that stand in relation to PVP currently is the skillgap between players that have PVPed for years and those who have not is large. I've only really PVPed properly for alittle over a year now, and i'm somewhere in the middle. The point of the camp is to improve the quality of the PVP playerbase as a whole.

Since this is being considered as a 'boot camp', will there be new guidelines established for all PvP players? What did you have in mind?

Is the PvP Boot Camp a temporary or permanent fixture to "Star Trek: Online"? The current curriculum lasts from Dec. 29th 2012 until sometime in March. While it is generally hoped that things will repeat themselves every 4 or so months with some potential classes made for advanced premade fighting etc.

Will the PvP Boot Camp be used to coverup Cryptic's inability to flesh out PvP battlegrounds and environments? PvP Boot Camp = Cryptic's inability to create a new PvP environment? Foundry Spotlight = Cryptic's inability to create a new set of featured episodes? Players doing the work in which Cryptic employees are responsible for? Lets be honest here, PvP in STO is a mess. Its been lied to and neglected for nearly three full years now by Cryptic higher-ups. That said, Cryptic didn't ask for PVP Bootcamp, it was dreamt up, organised and is being run by Sargon, a few PVP technical wizards and some PVP players to coach. None are being paid for their time. Instead of turning a blind eye to PVP as is the norm, Cryptic (in the form of Borticus & BranFlakes) have not only put rewards in place for those that complete Bootcamp, but are rewarding the coaches too. They've been present in meetings and continue to support.

If players are doing all the work, why are people paying Cryptic for their lack of services? There's no gun to anyones head ordering more PVP content. They're classic argument was the same one used for the Klingon Faction "Not enough play, we cant afford to gamble the time needed" at the first session over 250 people turned up on the day to pick up some PVP basics. Who knows what 2013 holds?

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