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Originally Posted by goltzhar View Post
You don't expect to walk into a Rolex store and come out with a 25dollar watch
Sure you do. If you walked in with a 25 dollar watch and decided a rolex was too extravagant for you .

Trolling aside, I would approve of this idea. Elites aren't horribly hard. At all. If you have a good team, you can sweep most elites under the rug in under 12 minutes. If you have a mediocre team you can complete the optional as long as at least 2 of you are competent. And if you are the only decent one on the team, you can beat all of them except cure. It will take a long time, but it's doable.

The only ESTF that's remotely challenging is HSE and HGE. And even then, HGE can be exploited to victory. Sufficed to say, ESTFs, even with the better Borg are still very doable. So people failing them is hilarious. That being said, I would agree that there should be another level above elite, or make elite harder and put an intermediary level between elite and normal.
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