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Since the combo of Romulan torp, Omega torp or Ferengi missile, and torp DOFFs is pretty much out in the open, is that gonna become the next 'thing'?

By that I mean, we've recently gone through the 'song and dance' number of tric mines, broken Omega shield passive, and a couple other things that pretty much people whined and moaned about, blaming PvPers, etc etc, but it got fixed (or will be fixed), regardless.

So is this combo going to become that? I feel it might be too early to tell, because it isn't wide spread. Things in PvP don't generally become a problem until they start getting fielded in bulk.

Tric mines with the mine revamp were made powerful, but it's not like it happened over night to get how bad it is. I'm not saying they weren't a problem even then, but it's only over time with more and more people fielding them, to the point of entire teams doing it sometimes. SNB DOFFs for the longest time, while powerful and again a problem, were only made obvious after they became much, MUCH cheaper and began to be used again, in bulk.

I'm a bit on the fence, for that very reason. There's not enough people running this out and about yet to really decide. However, the sheer number of torpedoes that can be launched is a bit insane, just overwhelming any amount of clenses and general heals. At least they are targettable, but you can only shoot so many at once though as well.

So there's a lot of points and counter-points I'm already thinking of, so what do you all think? Are they just little more than a burn-build in PvE, or do you all think that maybe once people start decking their ships out and minmaxing it, it could be more serious?

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