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Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
Why was this moved? You would get better feedback in the PvP gameplay subforum.
I'm wondering that exact same thing. I put it in the PvP area because it was basically about PvP anyways, and it was asking the question at other PvPers. So it was entirely PvP-related, because I was honestly curious if people felt this plasma torp thing was gonna be a problem in PvP, and be the next 'thing' we'd have to deal with.

The unfortunate part is that they never ever undue a thread move or merge, so I'm kinda stuck with this, at least without making a new thread which asks them NOT to move it.

Aquitaine, I've seen several threads on this in the forum these past few days, and the numbers in the game in PvE stuff (maybe it's just coincidental that I have saw a lot of it), that I've seen doing most or the entire combo. So it's only a matter of time until it bleeds into PvP more readily, again, hence the whole point of this thread.

No matter what it is, people will always find out in this game, just a matter of time.

So...'that' has been discovered by more folks too, eh? I'm surprised 'that' stayed a secret so long, even if you did just basically said what 'that' is.

But again, that's my point. Right now we have 'that', and the Romulan torpedo? 'That' might be getting fixed soon of course, but what about the torpedo combo, how will that affect PvP? The question still stands on what people might think.

Even so, in the future, once 'that' is fixed, and once the Romulan torpedo gets changed (if at all), tric mines are altered, etc, there will be something else. It's only a matter of time.

Mods or devs, can this please be moved back to the PvP area? I meant it in a more PvP way, not just a 'build' way, because I'm wondering what people do honestly think might happen in a PvP scenario.

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