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Originally Posted by topset View Post
I look forward to testing this out when I hit T5 rep, good work sir.

As an aisde, it's nice to see the standard of PUGs increasing - while it's still not perfect I remember when running a public CSE was completely pointless and tantamount to failing within a few minutes. I've been running with the ESTF & Fleet lot for so long I'd forgotten pugs still existed

What's the general standard like these days?
If you do good damage and pay attention and are a solid player, you can carry 95% of space based pugs to optionals. Otherwise, you end up complaining about rainbow beam boats failing missions for you in the "worst STFS thread".. You'll notice the rainbow chel'gret beamboat that flys by me @ 7:00, the quality of the average player hasn't changed much at all.

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