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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
While good sportsmanship can be shown to an individual, its up to the individual to pratice it themselves and unfortunately some do not care to do so.

You are asking for something beyond the control of the coaches of PvP bootcamp.

I still think thier core purpose is best. Dispeling the average PvE'ers and budding PvP'ers dislike and distrust of PvP by showing them how to use the system and hopefully improve.
One reason I've never complained about STO's PvP is it would be wrong of me to expect something out of someone such as Cryptic to police a system like PvP when it is very apparent that no matter what measures they take most players will either be playing against someone who has made it their lifes goal to train 24/7 to beat some player who may have just started playing yesterday. As well as someone who knows every website ever created to get their latest exploit information from. Also the famous afk it out lets draw a tie here and get our points system

Not to put down any players or dev's on this but unless there is some consensus on how to make it where STO has none of those problems I don't think I can see anyone at all enjoying PvP here.

Edit: Only way I can think of to remedy some of these things I see as being problems is having some sort of non-biased moderators for pvp that don't really care about pvp but won't bias towards helping any individual person or fleet that may be exploiting the game but to help the community of it overall.

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