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12-31-2012, 02:03 AM
decent gear for you? or sell? well its kinda gear anyway but only really for science officers and ones with medic kit or you respawn alot at least what i've seen from all the dead tact and engineers i've passed taking a snooze maybe anyway nukara prime go there use zone chat get a team you dont have to team up and can be fed or kdf you simply go into the same area with the others but teaming is useful for team buffs the hard missions which need a group having tact or engineers is good the mortas placed correctly kill off alot of mobs toward the ending. anyway the elite boxes from hard sell for 200 280k each the standard boxes from easy sell for 35 39k each(you can get alot pretty easily) the advanced boxes sell for i think between 50 80 k if you need fleet marks you can do this when the events active but nukara is like defera sometimes abandoned. if you make a group before hand 5 man team to do it then go to nukara remember to post in zone a few extra players doesnt hurt. but if you do it with teams on the hard then by self on medium and easy i've gotten about well obvious the 2 elite since only 2 of them missions...8 9 easy and 8 9 medium so in total a nice amount of ec daily but dont flood the market with them you'll make them worth less an ev suit.
oh lil advice if you never been before open the medium and elite get the cryo gun i wouldnt use the ev suit thats part of that set your better off with a blue toxic and radiation resist ev suit and omega shielding, omega for the knock back and the toxic and radiation ev suit because they use toxic damage and radiation using the nukara set ev i tend to die alot easiyer in it then the rare blue toxic and radiation one.
EDIT for the eay and medium stay out side alot faster and easyier then interior missions

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