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12-31-2012, 03:42 AM
I just don't think KDF players should be accepting the penalty just because it takes longer to find a team willing to tag epohh's.

This doesn't just affect Epohh tagging, it also affects maps like Defera and Nukara. Whether intentional or not, this is just another deterrant from playing KDF.

All I'm asking is for the powers that be just change the missions where you can solo them, but a team makes it easier. Epohh tagging was just an example that I used since Defera/Nukara require a discussion on their own. I mean, it wouldn't have been much more to make it easier as you add teammates to the mission.

It's just the kind of thinking I wish Cryptic started having when coming up with new content or missions. I find it hard enough to warrant inviting someone with me when I do missions some of them are not team friendly (boldly they rode). If they designed missions where players are able to complete on their own but a team makes it easier would provide a stronger community instead of a single player game with MMO abilities tacked on to it.