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You don't have to manage 30, you know. You can just settle for 20. Which is perfectly doable. It also means that you really only need one other person to team with you to hit 30. I shudder to think just how badly these people are messing it up who are shouting into zone chat that they've got 4 people and are looking for one more. Gee, I don't know, team. With only four of us, that means some of us will have to nab 8 of these feral beasts. Maybe ten, if... is anyone allergic to digital rodents? Cause if so, I'm sorry, but you have to leave the group.

I honestly think this is unnecessary. And about 99.75% certain not to happen. Conservatively. The only cases where cross-faction teams are formed are those where the game auto-groups people, or using the PvE private lobbies. Mol'Rihan is an open world zone. To allow you to invite cross-faction there would spark a whole new wave of ESD and Qo'noS invasions as people abuse their enemy faction alts to beam down four fleet mates into enemy territory.
Assuming your signature represents the toons you have, I can see you only have one KDF. The trouble that I am having is I can't even find a partner sometimes. I have to wait about 30 minutes spamming zone, this is what I'm saying is not fair. Hop on your KDF toon for month and run some defera/nukara/epohh tagging. Now run it with your feds, you'll notice a difference right away.