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Originally Posted by dma1986 View Post
I picked up a B'rel a few days ago, haven't taken it into Ker'rat yet (the character it's for isn't Lv 50). If all the feddies cry this much about its better-than-a-normal-battle-cloak, it's gonna be a lot of fun

I've also got a bio-neural warhead for it, so I can engage at 15km, and in theory the target won't even know they're in trouble until the torpedo's point defence starts chewing on their shields.
Actually, I'm pretty sure the enemy will be kicked into Red Alert as soon as you launch the torpedo. Red Alert is supposed to be activated by all weapons fire. A competent PvPer uses the Red Alert as a warning that they're about to get attacked, probably from the side or behind. The key thing is to strike quickly. I would recommend not using the bio-neurals unless the enemy is either distracted, doesn't have enough firepower to kill the torp, or has weapons disabled. Stick with non-destructibles, they're more useful in most PvP situations. Hargh'peng is popular amongst B'rel snipers, along with nasty, annoying stuff like plasma, chroniton, transphasics, etc. Stick with a torpedo type and buff the heck out of it with tactical consoles.