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Originally Posted by pottsey5g View Post
I have been trying to build something like that for days and failed. Your version looks like it works and is fun. Could you explain the build?
From what I can tell you have Torp spread 1, Scatter Volley 1, Torp spread 3, Pattern beta 3.
Unknown, Pattern Beta 2, Scatter volley 3.

What is that unknown skill? At the start of the vide you press 4 skills on the top tray. Pattern Alpha I know but what are the others? Are those tac skills and are they vital for the build? I am an Eng pilot.

Do you use torpedo or DHC weapon damage boosting consoles? Do you use the set that boosts Hvy plasma torps or the set that boost all torp damage or something else?
Thanks for the video.

Tac Cmdr: TS1, APB1, CSV2, ABP3
Tac LtCmdr: TT1, CSV I, CSV2

Two conn tac team doffs so you can cycle TT1 off a single ens slot.

You could probably swap atb1 and csv2 and do more overall damage, but I just kept my BO layout from my single torp setup.

The trays up top are tac skills, they obviously help a lot, but no they are not vital. You'll still do more damage than 90% of players in a pug as an engineer as long as you know what you are doing.

I use Plasma infuser consoles with Romulan weapons.. They buff the burns(not the proc, but the built in plasma burn) on the Omega and Hyper Plasma as well as my cannons. An no, no torp sets. I use two piece Omega for tet gliders and two piece adapted Borg for Omega amplifier. You actually do more damage with a third turret instead of the cutting beam, but I like it for shooting down heavy torps... And cuz it's a lazor.

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