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Originally Posted by luxchristian View Post
It is a free ship which you can get with little effort. So I'm not surprised that it hasn't a custom bridge . And I really don't care about bridges. That is a waste of ressources which could be used to build more ships xD But there is a good chance that the new lockboxes will have a better breen ship with a custom bridge.

Try using a more escort build for the Grett.
I only used the Chel in a singe ISE with this setup and it was ok :-)
4x Phaser DHC MKXI
3x Phaser Turrets MKXI
1x Cutting Beam
Maco XII Shield
Borg Engine MKXI
Borg Deflector MKXI

Neutronium Alloy MKXI,
Neutronium Alloy MKXI,

Field Generator,
Breen Console,
Assimilated Console

4x Phaser Relay

Yeah I still need a good array of doffs.

Has some problems with weapon drain but that is manageble as a engi. Heretick is using Emergency Power to weapons and Energy Syphon to handle the power drain. The 2er set bonus "Omega Weapon Amplifier" should also help.

Crowd Control and heals which can be also used on other peoples makes it an ok allround build.
Thanks for the advice, i'm just refitting my KDF's Grett as a cannon-ship, Polaron with a full JH set since I haven't even started on the Omega rep yet. Still, even if this turns out pretty decent, I doubt i'll open the other Requisition pack, so i'd still like to have the option of selling or trading it.