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Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
Yeah, and I've heard of this affecting more things than just certain powers. It seems to be a bug in their entire game.

I think someone mentioned that this happens in their other game too, so it may be engine related.
I wouldn't call it a bug so much as design. Almost anything that fires in a cycle does this or at one point did this. The hit/crit/miss roll is calculated at the beginning of a volley and is applicable to all hits associated with that volley. That's why you routinely see crits and misses in strings. Cannons do it, turrets do it, mines do it, torpedo spread *used* to do it (and where ridiculously OP as a result) before they broke the rolls into individual instances. The only thing I'm aware of that hasn't ever operated that way (to my knowledge) is high yield torps.

If I were to hazard a guess as to why they were able to easily fix torp spread but not mines, it would be because someone had the forsight to code torpedoes the ability to be broken up into multiple rolls because of HY, and that same bit of coding groundwork was never laid for mines.

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