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12-31-2012, 06:55 AM
Oh wow, you've been given a free ship which is stat-wise on the same level as most lock box and fleet ships, and you call it utter garbage? Not sure if serious.

For PvE purposes I was extremely happy to switch from my Fleet Defiant to Chel Grett. DPS-wise it's certainly not the same, due to the lack of lt.cmdr. tac slot and "only" 4 tactical console slots, but at least now I can deal significant amount of damage without worrying about being shot down with one or two hits (especially now, with Season 7 bugged one-hit-KO torpedos...). The ship is durable, has decent healing capability for its type, and with full 3pc borg set it basically repairs itself most of the time.

In addition, I'm using 3pc omega adapted borg set as well as Tachyokinetic Converter. In the end this is an awesome mixture of an escort/destroyer and a battlecruiser and should be treated as such.

The only complaints I've got are the lack of a custom bridge (which is kind of understandable) and the fact that the console is rather useless, especially with its 3min cooldown.

But for a free ship I must say I'm pleasantly surprised, as I honestly expected this to be something similar to free Odyssey. Of course we've had to earn it, instead of just taking an easy 5min mission, but still for a F2P Cryptic policy this is a new one.