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Originally Posted by kubagucwa View Post
It is obvious that you have great experience with excelsior ship. Can you make approximate build? Weapons, boff abilities, consoles... I mean for c-store excelsior , not fleet one
There's going to be little difference build wise between the two, added tac console is fairly straightfoward

As far as builds the two that have demonstrated the best effectiveness are a more traditional "Dragon" build using a full power cycle and a Aux2Batt build using tecnitian doffs(which i'm going to skip due to it's high cost of 3x 3mil+ doffs) the full cycle of the dragon, EPTS>EPTW>EPTS>EPTW (repeating for duration of combat) provides a large devensive boost as well as a cycled Aux2Sif3 for a large heal and resist, The build I use myself is here

There's some room for a bit of adjustment there (CRF>CSV) as well as changing the lt.comm engineering power to either RSP or Extend shields depending on role.

Currently i'm using 3x single cannons forward(plasma for a bit of extra agro with the dot) with a single torp and 3x turrets rear with the cutting beam, the cutting beam in combination with the borg tractor beam is a wicked thing to do with a target

Doff wise 2x conn officers to reduce tac team to a 15s clock, one warp core engineer for a power boost and a damage control engineer to recude the time on the emergency powers to an even shorter cycle can have the effect of 125 across the board if you balance things properly.