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Originally Posted by kadix1 View Post
I really like the beam arrays + torps play style (only reason I went to cannons was "Path of the Warrior"). I'm currently thinking this is what's going to work best for me.

I'm finding myself getting a lot of use out of RSP as a heal (currently still running cannons && Aegis set while I grind for emblems and dilithum), but I figure that the RSP2 may get replaced once I'm better geared.

I'm also thinking that one of the tactical consoles might get replaced with a +plasmaProjectile console. From what I've read, the plasma DoT is always buffed by +plasmaEnergy consoles, so a 3/1 mix is probably the way to go.

Would an EPS console in place of one of the Neutronium consoles make sense to help with the BO2 energy recovery?

The Omega engine is for the better turn rate. I can only go so slow before it starts to bother me.

I figure the resiliant shield is going to give me the same capacity as my current Aegis, but the damage reduction should make it easier to keep healed.

While I don't see anything in the tooltip saying otherwise, I'm assuming that the Romulan PROTOTYPE plasma beam array is limited to 1 per ship. If not, I could picture myself running a bunch of those for the zero power drain.

Fore 1: Omega Plasma Torpedo Launcher
Fore 2: Romulan Prototype Plasma Beam Array
Fore 3: Romulan Beam Array Mk12 [Acc]x2
Fore 4: Romulan Beam Array Mk12 [Acc]x2

Aft 1: Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torpedo Launcher
Aft 2: Kinetic Cutting Beam
Aft 3: Romulan Beam Array Mk12 [Acc]x2
Aft 4: Romulan Beam Array Mk12 [Acc]x2

Deflector: Adapted Honor Guard Mk12
Engines: Omega Mk12
Shields: Adapted Honor Guard (Resiliant) Mk12


Engineering 1: Neutronium Alloy (resists)
Engineering 2: Neutronium Alloy (resists)
Engineering 3: Neutronium Alloy (resists)
Engineering 4: Zero-Point Engergy Conduit (Romulan)

Science 1: Assimilated Module (Borg)
Science 2: Field Generator (+capacity)

Tactical 1: Plasma Infuser (plasma energy)
Tactical 2: Plasma Infuser (plasma energy)
Tactical 3: Plasma Infuser (plasma energy)
Tactical 4: Plasma Infuser (plasma energy)

Tactical 1: Torpedo Spread I
Tactical 1: Torpedo Spread I
Tactical 2: Beam Overload II
Tactical 2: Beam Overload II
Tactical 3: Attack Pattern Omega I

Science 1: Science Team 1
Science 2: Hazard Emitters I

Engineering 1: Emergency Power to Shield I
Engineering 1: Engineering Team I
Engineering 2: Emergency Power to Weapons II
Engineering 3: Reverse Shield Polarity II
Engineering 4: Reverse Shield Polarity III
Consoles. Engineering 2 Neuts should do it. If your not currently using a projectile console, put the assimilated console in tac. I like to use a heal console in eng and in sci. This is to give a boost to heals that I may also use on my team as well as myself. Your mileage may vary. Just a thought.

As far as I've ever seen on my ships the flow consoles only help with moving power back and forth and not recovery. And I've seen many posts arguing this one back and forth. But a console is nice if for some reason u didn't put points in the skill. You need to be moving power to engines etc when you need to. Your ship won't be slow at all.

That being said, Omega set does make this ship very zippy and it has some nice perks. Well they're all good for different reasons. So don't be thinking you're only allowed one. Or that you can't buy an item off of the exchange specifically for one type of mission.

Maybe don't mix your single target and multi target abilities. Go for one or the other, and swithc between phases or missions. Maybe at the start of hive aoe is king, maybe at phase 2 it can still be pretty solid, but by phase 3 with just the queen.....u see where that goes.

Cheers happy flying!
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