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Originally Posted by momaw View Post
And if it had the same 15 second cooldown as Hargh'peng I'd use it. Heck even 30 seconds might make it worthwhile. At one minute, it's an incredibly expensive weapon to carry which is a problem considering it's slow, can be shot down, has a minimum launch range, and deals purely kinetic damage so it's completely negated if it hits a shield. The sustained DPS is too low to justify a frontal mounting, and a turret on the back will contribute over the whole course of your mission instead of being highly situational like a rear-mounted Bioneural.

Bioneural is a fancy tricobalt torpedo, and tricobalt torpedoes suck. I'm sure the minority of PVP players love the things, but PVP players can and should be disregarded when it comes to designing mechanics for the majority of players.
Bitter much? C'mon now, following your um...I dunno....I bet you call it "reasoning" or maybe something cute like "my wittle choo choo twain of ideas" wouldn't your keyboard be made of nerf? So as not to ruin your complexion? Just thinking this could be something on the hardware side to make online experiences better for folks at your level.

Put it in your sig. Maybe you can start some sort of grassroots campaign to make things better for your kind.

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