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Originally Posted by rickpaaa View Post
My fleet Corsair is a science tank with an emphasis on system disables. I usually run purple Marauding Force shuttles, or purple Interceptors. I make use of gravity well, tractor beam repulsors, boarding party III, and run as a beam boat.

I use all fleet plasma weapons. Two dual beam, one beam array, and Omega torpedo in front. I use 3 beam arrays and Romulan plasma torpedo in the back. In some STFs I move both torpedoes up front. If I plan on flying in the face of the enemy, the Romulan torpedoes to aft, so I won't splash plasma all over my ship.

I also have the usual suspects such as polarize hull, rotate shield polarity, emergency power to shields, and so forth.

I run the Corsair on a science officer. It is a most satisfying ship. I have a couple of ships that I like as much, but none better.
I didn't realize that that plasma could splash and damage your ship. I'm really going to go with Quantum Mines then.

I read on sto wiki that there is a Unique doff flight officer that has a 30 percent chance to add two extra shuttles to your boarding parties, just an idea looking at the focus on boarding party that you have.