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12-31-2012, 08:30 AM
Originally Posted by adamkafei

In closing I ask you both if escorts are allowed to tank like cruisers and lets face it we've all seen escorts tanking gates, cube etc, you two have said that your escorts can tank said enemies why shouldn't cruisers be able to compete on the damage scene?
Escorts are not allowed to tank like Cruisers. They learned how to do it from Hilbert and the variuos ideas that exist on resist stacking. Basically someone figured out the best method of enhancing survival and its now the norm for all ships.

Its not like its a great secret to cycle two EPTS1's for the uptime and resists, or to enhance it even more with HE, TSS, PH, or A2Sif.

Those Escorts though, learned how to tank using the rules and abilities that already existed, so why can't the Cruiser learn how to do damage the same way as many methods exist to increase the damage of Beams on Cruisers.

I still think a Beam Rapid Fire BOff ability could help her without being a direct buff to beams or Cruiser for a perceived "tankyness" that Escorts never recieved but discovered how to put into effect.
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