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12-31-2012, 07:36 AM
Originally Posted by sirricwin View Post
Chimera certainly does not have superior stats across the board.
You claimed it was inferior to the Hermes; it has more Hull, Tactical & Regenerative modes, 10% better Impulse speed (only the JHAS is as fast), more Crew (not a huge factor indeed), more Devices (not huge, but quite nice), a strictly superior BOFF layout (can mimic the same, can also use various other - including one with LC Sci without being stuck with a useless 3rd Tac Ensign - that is huge!) and for all that all it gives up is 1 Turn rate (ok, 2 now); that's hardly inferior.

But you knew all that and are just trolling.
A shame that the mods on these boards don't understand trolls and ban the trollee instead.
(hint to any mod reading: the troll is the one that makes a ridiculous statement with a straight face in order to provoke a conflictual response, not the one issuing said response - lern2internet guys)