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Originally Posted by topset View Post

Tac focused player with maxed out attack skills (all energy weapons + crits + attack patterns)

If for example you have Commander and Lieutenant tactical stations, which setup do you prefer and why

Commander: Torp 1, Torp 2, Rapid Fire 2, Rapid Fire 3
Lieutenant: TT1, Beta/Omega 1


Commander: Torp 1, Rapid fire 1, Beta/Omega 2, Rapid fire 3
Lieutenant: TT1, Torp 2


Commander: Torp 1, Rapid Fire 1, Rapid Fire 2, Beta/Omega 3
Lieutenant: TT1, Torp2

I can't seem to figure out what is optimal and why, I get conflicting information from everywhere and I can't for the life of me figure out which setup I prefer, so I thought I would get your opinions.

So what do you think - APB3 or Rapid fire 3?

NB: I'm using Rapid Fire as an example, feel free to substitute it with Scatter Volley if you prefer

NB2: I'm currently using 2 conn officers to get the recharge time of TT1 down to the global CD of 15 seconds so I only need one copy, and this has the added advantage of buffing attack patterns by +20 for 10 seconds after use (so that's 2/3s of the time!)
Since you have the ship, the gear, the doffs why don't you just run the numbers and come back and tell us? Really. Go and parse.

"it will always be, always always always be AP before weapon skills. Weapon skills are solid state skills and do not change where as AP are liquid state and can change you damage output by 60-70%

Always chose Liquid state in skills and solid state in passives
Yesterday 05:05 PM "

And that's just the most concentrated cuteness ever.

Anyways once you actually run some tests with some controls I bet you find your answer. And I'd be willing to bet that would lead you to having multiple Tac Boff setups.

Cheers happy flying! And don't forget to get into the liquid state for new years!

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