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12-31-2012, 08:54 AM
I do this for each of my three characters:

1) Log in and clear the backlog of completed Doff missions
2) Beam down to Klingon/Starfleet academy (I leave my ships in orbit over Qo'noS/ESD)
3) Take the Academy Lore mission for 480 Dilithium
4) Take the Veteran Dilithium refining Doff mission (if available)
5) Sell and/or bank whatever stuff I've gotten from the Doff missions (holiday collectibles atm)
6) Take any holiday Doff missions in Klingon/Starfleet Academy
7) Beam up to First City/ESD
8) Take any holiday Doff missions in First City/ESD
9) Turn in Contraband Doff missions (plus hand over prisoners and/or Tribbles for KDF)
10) Go to Q's Winter Wonderland and take any holiday Doff missions there (plus Epohhs)
11) Run the race then back to ESD/First City

I usually have around 10 Doff mission slots free at this point so:

12) My Fed takes all the 50 Dilithium Doff missions plus 'confiscate contraband from crew'
13) He also goes to the Fleet starbase to run Commendation Reports for Fleet Marks
14) My two KDFs fly around Pi Canis/Tau Dewa/Eta Eridani looking for Contraband missions
15) Once they've filled their Doff missions, transwarp back to Qo'noS then log out

And that's it (much quicker now I've finished the reputation system on all of them - once I've got my Breen ships I'll stop visiting the Winter Wonderland too).
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