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12-31-2012, 09:59 AM
Actually, the Vesta comes equipped with two cannons with 405 dmg each! Buy it, take weapons off, discharge it, reclaim it again and voila, you have a set of FOUR of these walloping cannons up front. Stick a beam cutter at the rear with torp and one turret.

Voila, they will never see it coming! If you get the three set piece it adds to the healing powers which is great. The main beam weapon is ok but dont think for a second it will save you in any way. Put the Breen set in it as well, the siphoning power drain is great and an unexpected treat. Although, the borg set works well on it too. If getting all three is out of the price range, I'd go for the model with the heal power... the bubble is great too but alas you will find the heal power more useful in the long run. Dont forget too that they all come equipped with runabouts which you can launch up to four at one time.

I have done elite missions taking out cubes on my own with the Vesta. My boffs are mainly purple and blue though, which I am sure helps somewhat. I am a tact captain btw.

EDIT: If you want to keep your existing ship, increase your weapon damage by tact consoles that increase your specific weapon damage and load it up in the tact slots. Two or go for all three if you can afford too. YOu should see a difference. Also, your hull, same principle. Good Luck.

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