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12-31-2012, 10:05 AM
Good Doffs for escorts....

Very Rare Conn Officer... Attack Pattern Doffs.
- These will reduce the cool downs on attack patterns.
- 2 is optimum (more are not needed)
- Most idea setup One Copy of Omega one Copy of Delta or Beta... for 100% global cool downs on both

DMG Control Doffs.
- These will reduce cool downs on Emergency Power to Skills.
- 2 copies of Purple (or even blue) will reliably reduce the cool downs of 2 (different) Emergency power to skills to global.
- Good options here... Emergency power to Engines / Emergency Power to Shields... both should be at global with 2 doffs.... other options Emergency power to Aux for improved healing

Hazards Doff.
- These give you resistance when you use Brace for Impact and Ramming Speed.
- These are underrated, one of them is like putting on an extra Neutronium armour for 10s when you need it most.
- These are a great doff for a 5th slot

Shield Distribution Doff.
- Not as good as it used to be, still a great shield heal

Warp Core Engineer.
- Will give you a chance to boost power when you activate EPTx skills...
- This one is a nice 5th doff slot doff if you are running 2 DMG control + 2 EPTx

Conn Officers. (evasive cool down reduction)
- The opportunity cost is high... as really 1 isn't much help. These doffs are still good if you can afford 3 doffs slots. 30s evasive is still nice.

I think that about sums up the best options for escort doffs. Take it from there.