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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Escorts are not allowed to tank like Cruisers. They learned how to do it from Hilbert and the variuos ideas that exist on resist stacking. Basically someone figured out the best method of enhancing survival and its now the norm for all ships.

Its not like its a great secret to cycle two EPTS1's for the uptime and resists, or to enhance it even more with HE, TSS, PH, or A2Sif.

Those Escorts though, learned how to tank using the rules and abilities that already existed, so why can't the Cruiser learn how to do damage the same way as many methods exist to increase the damage of Beams on Cruisers.

I still think a Beam Rapid Fire BOff ability could help her without being a direct buff to beams or Cruiser for a perceived "tankyness" that Escorts never recieved but discovered how to put into effect.

Two big comments on this.

1) The escort 'class' has very little inherent penalty to becoming tanky beyond a lower max HP and a slightly lower innate shield regeneration and hull restore. No abilities, gear, or anything take these factors into account when determining their effects as far as defense goes. The escort's only true limitation from a defense perspective are her boff slot arrangements. Let me just say the Timeship escorts can infact out 'self tank' the majority of cruisers thanks to her uni boff slots and defense bonus. Just like the Tholian ships can perform better as 'healers' because of the same reason.

Survival Time = (Base HP + Healed HP) * resists * avoidance
Note that most ships healed HP will exceed base HP in about 30 seconds and does not factor in the base HP when determined

2) The beam array does have penalties that stick beyond boff abilities. First off is the power drain we have already covered but does have methods of mitigating. But beyond that because every offensive ability takes the base weapon into account and multiplies its values combined with the lower innate values of the beam array it will never be able too.

Damage Output = (Base Weapon + Bonus Damage) * ASpeed Mod * Crit Mod * Armor Mod * Damage Mod
Note that even bonus damage takes the base weapon into account.

Although in closing cruisers can in fact put out decent DPS. But not to the same degree as an escort can have decent tank if that makes sense. In addition you only need enough tank to survive, anything extra in PvE is simply inefficient similar to a premade PvP escort that packs too much of it's own tank instead of relying on the healer to keep him alive will have less spike/burst than he should.

The core root of the problem is the way things scale. DHC+turret scales better than BAs with more weapons. Attack patterns, weapon abilities, and the like also scale better than heals do, but not better than resistances. They are doing things to mitigate this with the new gear but the game would have a much healthier long term balance if they solved it from the mechanics side.