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12-31-2012, 10:49 AM
This has been my routine the last 3 days.

1. Log in to check fleet projects.

2. Melt into depression when I see the Dilithium requirements.

3. Run a couple STF's

4. Check Rep gear projects

5. Slide deeper into depression at the Dilithium requirements.

6. Log off and head over to TOR.

Sadly, it just isn't fun anymore. It's one thing to grind for the fleet but when you have to grind upon another grind upon another grind, ect just for the gear you want there is a problem.

I miss the old system of getting Maco/Borg gear.

Games are supposed to be fun, not feel like work.

My apologies to the OP of this thread for the rant, but it is what it is.